Sunday, March 24, 2013

Warpath Statue By Bowen Designs

Let me introduce you to one Hellion of an X-men statue.

(If you'd like to improve the quality of the video you can click on the "spur" icon on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.)

A full sized image of James Proudstar in his modern atire

James, you've finally arrived!  I was very happy to get Mr. Warpath here.  It was a long time coming.  I preordered this guy direct from Bowen Designs when they first solicited him(back in mid 2012).

As you can see the edition size is not very large. 500 and I got number 29, yippee!  I was also happy to see Randy Bowen's full signature on the base (I optioned for the signature when I ordered - Something that Randy Bowen offers when he sculpts the statue himself).

The base to my Bowen Modern Warpath statue

Here are some more shots for your viewing pleasure

Awesome Warpath Statue

And now for some closeups

And there you have him folks.  He's a big lean fighting machine and he's awesome.  Randy did a great job on this in every possible way.  I think my favorite characteristic is the head and hair!  Superb job!

If you're interested in seeing if there are any of these bad boys currently listed on Ebay you can click here to find out (Also if you decide to buy the statue in the future please come back and click on this link first.  It's a way for you to support the site.):
Ebay Active Warpath Listings

Fortunately Sideshow Collectibles still has him in stock.  You can purchase him by clicking here:
Sideshow Collectibles Listing for Bowen's Modern Warpath Statue

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  1. Hi Remy,
    congratulations with this awesome statue and thank you for creating this great blog.
    Your pictures are incredible as always and I have watched them with great pleasure!


    1. Thanks Rainer! It's always a pleasure to hear from you!

  2. Very cool. I'm still a fan of Bowen statues. Love the pics in the background too.

    1. Thanks Keith! I don't see how anyone could not be a fan of at least some of Bowen's statues!

  3. Love your Amazing X-Men Collection!!!
    - Jansen

  4. great blog gabe,really enjoyed looking through it! congrats on the warpath statue
    - blacko