Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wolverine - X-force Humberto Ramos Inspired Custom Statue

There's nothing covert about this statue's amazing character.  I give you X-force Wolverine!

(Note: You can improve the quality of the video you are watching by clicking on the "spur" icon on the bottom right once the video is playing)

   After falling in love with the Humberto Ramos Civil War Statue, I had to have an X-force variant.  Thus I commissioned Mr. Chucho Rojas to do just that and he delivered!  Take a look.

He did a better job that I asked for.  Starting with the black and red base...X-force-licious!

The boots are super detailed and awesome!

The legs are the same stylistically weird and awesome shape as the ones on the original statue.

Butt, we shouldn't forget the belt.

Of course it's got the X-belt buckle.

The gloves rival the boots in cool.

The back is behind him.

Of course, the big statue seller is the face and mask.

It's so not X-force... which makes makes it uniquely cool.

Yay for this statue!


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