Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rogue Statue by Bowen Designs

I would like to introduce you to the river rat with the deadly touch... of class!

(Note: You can improve the quality of the video as you're watching it by clicking on the "spur" icon in the bottom right menu of the screen)

She's a one of a kind, in that there's only one of these numbered 1489

     360 degrees are almost not enough degrees to showcase this beauty

As you can see the base is super elaborate, so I'll start the closeups by giving it some extra special attention.

The base is very cool.  It is one of the most dynamic and elaborate bases for an X-men character on a Bowen statue.

There's certainly quite bit of aspects of this statue that make her qualify as booty.

She fits in my X-men statue collection, like a glove

She recently lost some weight so her belt is a little loose (she needs to absord some of Blob's power, non chere?)

Lower you pervs!

You're too close, pull back,.

In case her skin tight body suite doesn't keep her warm, she's got her classic brown leather jacket.  We wouldn't want her to catch a cold before taking down Apocalypse.

There's always room for an X-emblem... and some collar greens of course.

Baby got the X-men after spending some time in the Savage Land

Big hair sugah!

A high angle ain't easy to get on this high flying hero

A low angle is one that she's not used to having.

Has she absorbed your attention yet?

If you're interested in seeing if there are any of these currently listed on Ebay you can try your luck here (Also if you decide to buy the statue in the future please come back and click on this link first.  It's a way for you to support the site.):

Ebay Listings of Bowen Rogue Statue

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