Friday, April 12, 2013

Black Logan ( Wolverine ) Custom 1/4 Scale Statue

(Note: You can improve the quality of the video as you're watching it by clicking on the "spur" icon in the bottom right menu of the screen)

I would like to introduce you to a kinder, gentler Wolverine from an alternate reality

Here's a 360 degree view of this very cool peice

Here he is from a high angle

Here's a close up of that handsome face

Check out the very cool chrome claws and the fabric laden bloodied hands

The rocky cliff base is very cool as well.  I decided to give it a green mossy look to reflect the gentler nature of this version of Logan.

Here's a bad glimse of the display of the two versions of this statue

Sorry folks!  This Logan is all mine and one of a kind!  But here he is one last time in case you're missing him already

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