Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wolverine - Marvel vs. Capcom 3, 1/3 scale statue by Hollywood Collectibles Group

My newest arrival from the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 line deserves a proper introduction.

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      These are sold in a set with Ryu but fortunately I was able to get my hands on one of the few that were being sold individually.

This sucker is big and heavy, weighing in at almost 30 pounds.  I could hardly get him in the frame.  Here's a peak at this gargantuan statue of everybody's favorite mutant.

Let's take a closer look, as is traditional around here, starting with the base.

Every costume element has as much detail as one would expect from a statue of this scale and price as you can see from the boots...

...and the gloves.

The arms are ripped, veiny and hairy, giving him the level of legitimacy one needs in a Wolvie statue.

The entire costume is litered with seam lines as well to give it that real fabric look.  Also, the belt buckle is X-emblem goodness.

They didn't forget to give him a butt, which I'm sure his bowls are thankful about.

The best feature on this statue are the claws.  They're super long which makes me a very happy Wolverine fan.  I love his claws to be exaggerated and super prominent relative to the rest of a statue of Logan.  It's necessary!

Of course the make it or break it feature for any Wolverine statue is the face and mask.  Both are sculpted to perfection.

To get a better idea of his scale, here's a couple of shots of him with other statues.  First off is my custom 1/4 scale Gambit that I have always suspected is of bigger scale.  Based on this comparison, he's certainly of a smaller scale than the HCG Wolvie.

And here he is with Sideshow's Gambit Premium Format Figure, and with Bowen's Brown Wolverine statue to give those with these statues a more precise idea of the massive size of this statue.

And that concludes the welcoming of this awesome statue to my collection.

If you're interested in getting this statue, there are several online retailers that have him in a set with Ryu.  I bought him from SecretCompas which I think might have sold out by now.  Thus your best bet to find him alone might be the old Bay.  You can check out the current listings here:

Ebay Listings of HCG Wolverine Statue

Fortunately I managed to find an online retailed that still has it available.  Here is the link:

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