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Cyclops - Original X-men Team Statue by Bowen Designs

     Going back in time leaves a person a bit discombobulated.  Perhaps an introduction will serve to reestablish some clarity.

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     This is the first of the five original X-men statues that Bowen Designs released.

     Originally titled Cyclops Retro, this statue is the one that started the ball rolling on the original team statues.  Thus far I've featured Jean Grey, will be featuring Angle soon, and should be getting Beast in the next two weeks so stay tuned for that.  Iceman should be coming out sometime toward the end of the year.

     You might notice the discrepancy in edition sizes between this statue and Jean. There are 50 less of these than Jean.  This reflects the fact the statues were not necessarily intended as a set.  If you're looking to make a set though I would suggest making this one a priority since it will be more sought after in the long run.

     Let's take a look at the wonder that is Scott Summers circa 1963.

     As you can see he's awesome!  You might have noticed that he is a variant of the Modern Cyclops statue .  In fact, there is a third variant of this statue which has Scott in his X-factor duds.  I'll get to that one soon so look out for it.

     Let's take a closer look at original Cyke!

     The base is the newly designed extended X-base which you've seen on the Warpath statue as well as on the Modern Cyke statue.  It is painted in all silver which matches the rest of original team bases.

     The boots are your classic renaissance styled boots which look great in yellow.

     The yellow Daisy Dukes that were in style before Daisy ever became a Duke provide great back support.

     The X belt is prominent and looks great. 

    There is a great simplicity to the overall costume design that reflects a simpler time.  Contrasted against some of the more modern designs it becomes evident just how simple.

     Cyke's visor further exemplifies this fact.  It has a very retro look to it, distinguishing it clearly from the visors that came after this design in the Retro Cyclops statue, as well as the modern version.

It certainly warrants closer inspection.

For some reason I get a SteamPunk vibe from the design, which I like a lot.

     As you can see the statue is as impressive as a piece based on this design can be.  It's main value lies in the historic significance of this costume to the X-men canon.  I can't help but pay homage to it by having this whole set in my collection led by young "Slim" here.

     As I've mentioned the statue is more limited than the Jean statue. Hopefully you're not reading this post 10 years in the future which means you shouldn't have too much of a problem finding it if you're interested in getting it for your collection.  Ebay is always a good place to check to get an idea of the availability and the current pricing (by checking "completed listings").  If you're interested in doing some research you can do so by clicking on this link (Also if you decide to buy the statue in the future please come back and click on this link first.  It's a way for you to support the site.):

Ebay Listing of Original Cyclops Statue

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