Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gambit: 1/4 Scale Custom Statue

Please allow myself to introduce myself.

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     This is the very cool and impressive Gambit custom statue that I bought a few years back.  I remember seeing it on line as part of a proposed group commission amongst a select group of collectors and I just had to have it.  It reminded me of an action figure I had as a kid that had a light up energy arc, but a thousand times better.  This is the statue that resulted from that commission.

I have to mention that this is not the original pain job.  I actually repainted a lot of it myself.  Unfortunately the final product was rushed by the producer and it wound up doing a diservice to the overall peice.  As we take a closer look  below I'll point out my improvements.

The base was an interesting choice.  It's simply a peice of rubble from a tiled floor.  It started out black and white but I decided I would use the red and black colors that Sideshow used on their premium format figure and it wound up looking a lot better (imo).

One of the best features of the statue is the clear resin energy arc.

My only gripe about it is that it should have been a bright pink color, but overall it's impressive enough that it doesn't bother me.

My favorite part of this feature are the actual playing cards that can be seen in the resin.  It's fantastic to be able to actually see playing cards being used as weapons.

The stream is connected to the leg via a peg and emerses on of Remy's hands.  It's a great overall design and execution!

Moving on to the actual statue, starting with the coat, there is certainly a lot to impress.  The coat is dynamic and super detailed.  My only small issue with it is that they used a glossy color for it and I thing it would have worked better in a matte brown.  Of course it's fine overall so I left it alone when I repainted some of the statue.

The legs on the body are very well done structurally, but the paintjob was kind of poop.  Here's what the statue looked like before:

The pink was too pink.  The dark parts of the costume were too blue.  The boots were too silver.

Here are the legs now.

I repainted the boots in an dirty metallic grey that I tried to match to the Sidshow PF choices.

I would never claim to be a professional when it comes to painting, but I do feel it's a major improvement.

I also darkened the leggings up since they were simply too blue.

And of course the pink dashed line on the outer parts of the legs needed to be toned down.  I chose a light violet color that a mixed some silver into to give it a little pizzazz.  It could probably stand even more touch up work which I've eventually get to.  The original paint job was much more sloppy though.

I used the same color for the torso and shaded it with some black.

The trim around the waist as well as the neck decorative thingy were painted in the same color as the boots.

And of course the face needed some work.  It's still not perfect but I think it's better.   I did my best with it and am happy overall though.

And there you have the very large and cool statue of Gambit in an action pose.

Despite the flaws overall I'm really happy with it.

As far as I know there were 50 made so if you're looking for one, you probably won't be able to find it.

It's unfortunate, but hopefully my video and pics will help you to fill the void somewhat :)

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