Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quicksilver Blue Costume Statue by Bowen Designs

The son of X-villain royalty deserves a proper introduction.

(Note: You can improve the quality of the video you are watching by clicking on the "spur" icon on the bottom right once the video is playing)

     The is one of three versions of this statue produced by Bowen.  The two variants include a green costume version as well as a version of the blue costume with light blue granny panties.  The statue I chose is the 999th staue in this 1000 unit run.

Although I hope that a new, dynamic posed statue of Pietro Maximoff is eventually produced, this statue is impressive enough to have in my collection.  You can verify it's qualifications by checking out there shots from every angle.

Although it's a simple statue there is certainly enough that warrants a closer look.
     The statue is connected to the base, in case you were wondering.

Here's some more Quicksilver for your viewing pleasure:

What makes this statue good is the head.  It screams Pietro Maximoff.  The hair, the features, the look on his face... it is 100% Quicksilver!

And there you have him.  Hopefully the vid and pics have demonstrated why this statue was the right choice for me.

What's great about the statue is that it never got too expensive in the secondary market.  The best way to check on the current market valuye is to check out the "sold listings" on the old Bay.  You can check out current listings by clicking here (Also if you decide to buy the statue in the future please come back and click on this link first.  It's a way for you to support the site.):

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