Sunday, March 31, 2013

Snapshot: Modern X-men Display

     It's time for another Snapshot post, where I post crappy flash photography shots of various parts of my collection, to wet the appetite of those that can't wait for me to properly document it.

     Eventually I would like to post my entire collection at once, but I figured in light of the recent modern additions I would provide a brief glimpse into the modern display I have set up in my X-lair. By "modern" I mean versions of X-men statues that represent their styles from roughly the year 2000 on.

     I want to mention that it is difficult to light the room where I have my statues since I am currently still living the life of a student and don't have the sort of space I would like to spread my collection out. Thus the photos are just a snapshot, using flash photography, of the display. I hope the effect of the awesomeness of the display comes through though. Enjoy!


Here are the newest additions.  As you can see Warpath and Cable display really nicely together.

And of course my X-force display must be highlighted for being sooooooo awesome!  I have decided to get rid of X-23.  I have never really felt a connection to the character so will not be including her in the collection.  Goodbye Laura :(

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