Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Colossus - 80's Custom Statue

     Mr. Rasputin is known in these parts, but introductions are always warranted for the sake of U.S./Russian diplomacy.

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     This is a very cool kit of Colossus in his 80's garb.  I needed him for my 80's display and so I went through the trouble of first finding him and then getting him painted.  I think he was well worth the trouble.  Check him out.

     This guy is big and impressive.  There's a lot to like so let's take a closer look.

The sculptor did a nice job with the X-base.  It's simple and has an elegant elevated design.

The legs are masterfully scupted and are perfectly proportioned.

The belt is a bit rough but it's not because of the sculpt.  Since this was reproduced individually, the casting process is what caused it to become less refined.  It still looks great though from a distance.

He's got a colossal butt.  It's because the sculpt was based on Arnold Schwarzenegger's physique.  We all know what an ass he is.

The upper back and arms were sculpted with the same amount of care.  It's all ginormous!

The hands are especially tricky on Colossus but they were executed smashingly.

The chest is another magnificent feat of sculpting dextertity.

The face has a steel gaze.

And there you have him folks. In all his Rusky glory.

For those interested in getting this guy, there's a chance there's still more of him lying around.  The person to contact can be reached through this e-mail address: 

The custom painter is the same fella that did my Koto Warpath, X-force Psylocke and Archangel.  You can reach him through this e-mail address:

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