Friday, April 12, 2013

Dazzler Statue by Bowen Designs

X-men statues don't get much better than this!  I would like to introduce you to the 80's pop sensation with some Blaire flair, the Dazzler!

(Note: You can improve the quality of the video as you're watching it by clicking on the "spur" icon in the bottom right menu of the screen)

 Alison Blaire never looked better!
Thank you Mike Cusanelli

360 degree goodness

High angle

Low Angle

Here's some closeup fun, starting with the very cool disco ball base which sits on a very elegant step riser.

Then for the lovely shoes.  Funny story, the internet community was up in arms when it was revealed she wasn't going to have skates.

The hair is masterfully sculpted by the king  of hair sculpting.

A butt shot for the pervs

The jumpsuit and body are perfection.

 Gratuitous closeup side view.

The arm bands and wrist  gaurds are masterfully crafted as well.

The mic is also worth checking out.

The crystal ball necklace is a nice touch.

Boobage is the best I've seen on a Bowen.

The best asset though is her face.  She's beautiful!

She's too good to be true.  Thanks Bowen Designs!

As I've mentioned on the video, this statue should still be available at reasonable prices. For those interested in doing some research, you can check out the current Ebay listings here(Also if you decide to buy the statue in the future please come back and click on this link first.  It's a way for you to support the site.):


  1. I was one of the people who hounded Randy for this statue. I do think it's perfect. However, I am disappointed the eyes were whited out. I understand the reason they were whited out , but I think the painted eyes gave the statue more life. I can't wait for the Blue version.

  2. Thanks for your efforts in getting this beauty produced! I personally am happy the eyes were whited out, but I feel for your slight loss. There's some very talented customizers out there that could make her perfect for you, if you were so inclined. There is always hope!