Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Angel - Original X-men Statue by Bowen Designs

Every Archangel starts as an Angel.  I introduce you to the wee lad that Warren Worthington III once was...

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     Although Warren increased 30 fold in the cool factor when Apocalypse did his thang on him, we have to give it up to one of the original five X-men as being too important to not deserve the Bowen treatment.

Bowen did a fantastic job on Angel, which I think is in large part due to the amazing work done on the wings.  Here's a look at this guy from all angels... I mean... well you know what I mean...

Although there isn't much to him, what there is is certanly worth taking a closer look at.

Starting with the base, Bowen made a conscious decision to continue the silve motif that unifies the original team set.  The boots are also on par with the rest of the team.

The shorts and X-belt both meet expectations and help to maintain the consistency of the o5 design.

The shorts are a bit tight, but what can be said, it was the 60's.

The gloves and hands deserve the 5 finger discount.

The upper torso is nicely sculpted to represent the teenage build or the young X-man.

As I said, the wings are what really make this statue stand out in the set of the o5.

The detail put into the feathers is phenomenal.

The wings elevate this statue beyond what it what intended to be.

Of course, the face and mask are made in a way that one cannot call this statue anthing but angelic.

And there you have him, Warren o5 statue by Bowen Designs!

Of course I would not have bought this statue it he wasn't part of the set.

I wouldn't blame anyone if they decided to buy the statue on its own though.  It impressive for what it is.   It is a Bowen after all!

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