Monday, May 6, 2013

Bishop Joe Mad Custom Statue

Let me introduce you to a very close friend of mine (as close as an inanimate object can be)

(Note: You can improve the quality of the video as you're watching it by clicking on the "spur" icon in the bottom right menu of the screen)

     About two and a half years ago I decided I wanted a Bishop statue.  Unfortunately there had not been a Bishop statue made that was worthy of my collection.  Thus I decided to have one created from scratch.

     I found a very talented sculptor from Mexico, Chucho Rojas, who seemed be the perfect talent to create the statue I wanted to make.  I wanted a statue based on the artwork of one of my favorite X-artists from the 90's, Joe Mad(Madureira). 

After a long wait, I finally got him home and was/am extremely happy.

Let's give him a spin, shall we...

(Disclaimer:  About a year ago I had a statue-trophe (a statue catastrophe) and Mr. Bishop incurred some "battle damage" as it were.  Thus, you may notice some imperfections in the close-ups.)

It's close-up time and boy did I get close-up happy with this one.  I couldn't help it, he is my favorite statue ( I know, you've likely heard me make this claim about other statues, but this time I mean it!)

First up is the awesome X-base.  It's a very cool design by Mr. Rojas.

The boots on this statue are fantastic.

The very cool and futuristic forearm guards can't help but impress

My favorite feature by far is the x emblem.

The belt ain't too shabby either.

The well crafted hand and belt are certainly worth mentioning.

this medium shot of his upper torso reveals the amazing detail on the shirt.

Joe Mad mug shot captured brilliantly!

Gratuitous high angle

And I might as well throw one from behind for good measure.  The very cool shoulder harness was given much care as you can see.

This low angle show's more of his amazingly precise qualities!

I will close with an even closer look at Bishop's M tattoo (for Mutant).  Done with much care since it is his signature characteristic (until Madrox and Layla Miller got theirs, but that's a story for another time).

Thanks Chucho!  You are amazing! 

You can check out more of this Mr. Rojas' amazing work at his Deviant Art page

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