Friday, December 6, 2013

Polaris Statue by Bowen Designs

Lorna Dane accidentally killed her "parents" when her powers manifested.  I introduce you to Polaris:

(Note: You can improve the quality of the video you are watching by clicking on the "spur" icon on the bottom right once the video is playing)

With today's announcement that X-men: Apocalypse with be released in May of 2016 as the sequel to X-men: Days of Future Past, I'd say the X-men are about to make a major pop cultural comeback.  Polaris might actually become a mainstreamer... if we're lucky.  This statue might become really rare.. eventually.  For now there are 700 to go around.

Sculpted by the master of magnificent bodies Mike Cusanelli, she's a beaute from every angle.

There's enough to like on this statue to make the other statues green with envy.

She was released a couple of years ago, but is still reasonably priced.  You can check out prices here (Also if you decide to buy the statue in the future please come back and click on this link first.  It's a way for you to support the site.):

Ebay Listing for Bowen's Polaris Statue

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  1. Nice piece, I just reicieved my bowen hela and enchantress Mini busts which are sculpted by mike cusanelli, and he does have a very distinct style in creating he's female characters , Polaris could almost be the enchantress they are so similar ,fantastic vid for a great piece.


  2. Congrats on those busts! I'm surprised you didn't go for the statue of Enchantress with the Executioner and also the new Hela pre-order. I guess you like to have both the statues and mini-busts. Your place must be huge :) Cusanelli has a distinct style so I can see how the statues would look similar.

    Thanks for stopping by. It's always good to hear from you Blacko! Happy holidays!

  3. Magnifico Lorna Dane. I love this statue better then enchantress. I don't see why even mention her when she doesn't even look like Polaris at all. They are 2 completely different characters. Nothing to be compare except for the green. Lorna is completely green from head to toes while enchantress is green and gold and black and so on and with yellow hair. I don't see how she can look like her. Anyway, this statue is amazing. I would die to have this right now. Polaris is the daughter of Magneto and she's a badass character just like her dad.