Thursday, February 13, 2014

Statue Showdown: Custom 1/4 Scale Gambit vs. Gambit Premium Format Figure by Sideshow

     Once again it's time for the statue comparison showdown melee video bonanza you never knew you needed to see.

Warning:  The following video may help you form an opinion you didn't know you needed to form.

In this corner is a Cajun with a premium fighting format!

In this corner is a theif who will steal the grand prize in this showdown!

Let the cards fly petit!

Only one southern belle can stop these cajuns from becoming po'boys!

          If you're incapable of deciding on a victor then I understand if you choose to enjoy each of these in their individual posts.

When the dust has settled (mainly because I dusted) the fact remains that they're both great statues to have!

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