Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Production Mishap - Modern Rogue Leaning Problem

     It had been months since I thought anything about the statues, or the configuration of my modern X-Men display.  Over the the last few weeks that changed as I began noticing something very strange.  The modern Rogue statue had began to lean forward.  Fortunately I had put a little museum putty below most of my statues recently, so the statue was nowhere near the point of tilting forward and falling over... or so I thought!

     Yesterday as I was working in another room from where my modern X-Men are displayed, I heard a thud.  It wasn't too loud, but it was abrupt and strange enough to catch my attention.  I slowly made my way to the room, not knowing what had happened.  I gave the room a quick scan, at which point I decided that everything was fine and went on with my day.
     Later that night, when I was preparing for bed I noticed that my modern Rogue statue was not in my display.  All that remained was the base, which was completely tilted over.  Apparently it had been the Rogue statue that had made the thud.  It fell behind some furniture so I wasn't able to see it in my earlier scan.
     It's always a sad moment when a statue is damaged.  These items are relatively expensive for what they are, plus they're kind of awesome to have intact.  Fortunately, the only damage to the statue was reparable.  Unfortunately, the fall nicked another statue on its way down,so the damage was slightly more widespread than I originally thought. The fact is, it could have been a lot worse, but it still stung a bit.
    All is better with the world now though.  I grabbed a huge chunk of museum putty and placed it under the front of the statue to tilt it into a more balanced position (as can be seen in the photos).

In a strange way, I'm almost glad it happened.  With the putty, I've managed to get it to look better than it had before.  Long before the fall, the statue never stood completely upright, and it always bothered me.

     The point it folks, beware of potential leaning problems with this statue.  It may have simply been mine,thus being solely a minor production mishap.  Of course the possibility exists that it could be a systemic problem across the entire production run, so be careful!



  1. Its a flaw, i have seen this in several comic shops and collectors photos. I have mine up against the wall of my ikea besta shellf so it doesnt lean forward and its staying put for now. Its a shame cause its a beautiful piece.

    1. It is a shame indeed. That's why I haven't gotten rid of it, because it is some a beautiful piece. There is nothing else like it.