Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Coming Soon: Kotobukiya Art FX Cyclops Marvel Now Statue


     Kotobukiya has finally unveiled the first of their set of Art FX statues of the Marvel Now X-Men.  The first is the best of the mutant designs, Cyclops with the x visor.  I love this design and have wanted somebody to make a statue of this since I first saw it.  Unfortunately, since it falls under the Art Fx Plus category, it's only 1/10th scale, and thus is out of scale with Bowen  and Koto Danger Room Sessions statues, so it likely won't work in my collection.  The entire set might work though, so I'll consider it.  Either way, if Koto wants to send me a sample, I would be happy to review it on the X-Lair!

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