Thursday, April 18, 2013

That Would Make A Great..." X-factor 250-251" Edition

All the X-factor characters have been given the shaft as far as three dimensional representations go.  My question is WHY!  WHY! WHY! WHY!

Peter David's X-factor is such a great book to read and the characters are all so unique and interesting in so many ways that I feel that they deserve not just a couple of statues made but an entire set.

© Marvel

This cover of X-factor 250 and

© Marvel
this cover to X-factor 251 would make such a great reference for either a set of X-factor statues (sold individually or together) or a big ass diorama.  Don't you agree?

The characters in order from left to right on issue 250 are Richtor, Leyla Miller, Jamie Madrox, and Shatterstar.

The characters in order from left to right in issue 251 are Longshot, Polaris and Monet St. Croix!

We have to get this to happen!  PAD deserves statues of his babies to surround him in his office where he creates his great stories and is currently recovering from his stroke.

I wish you the verybest PAD!

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