Friday, April 26, 2013

That Would Make A Great... "Gambit 9, 10 and 11" Edition

Gambit and Rogue both need more attention in the third dimension. The more statues made the better. Gambit issue 9 had an interesting premise which allowed Gambit to once again put on his 90's costume. I think this would make a really good museum pose Gambit statue:


Although Rogue has had her fair share of attention by Bowen Designs (see last post), we could always use more statues of her... am I right?

This image from Gambit #10 would make a good museum pose modern Rogue statue.  Maybe a 1/4 scale Sideshow comiquette would be fitting.


Finally, I thought this image from issue 11 would make a cool diorama:

 I think a modern diorama of the two characters with both Rogue (after having absorbed some of Remy's power) and Gambit launching charged cards.  It would be great to have both with red eyes as well. Wouldn't that rock?

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