Thursday, November 7, 2013

Coming Soon: Mojo Statue by Bowen Designs - Up for order today!

It's time to take a trip to the Mojoverse!  Mojo is finally up for order and he looks fantastic!

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     As was expected this piece has blown expectations for it out of the hemisphere.  It was sculpted by the Kucharek Brothers, so one couldn't expect anything less than stellar perfection.

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As you can see this statue is incredibly detailed from all angles.

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The statue is a Bowen Designs website exclusive and is being made to order.  The order deadline is 12/2/13.  The price tag is $350.00,  but $280 for collector's club members.  Since the collector's club membership is $25.00, I'd say it's worth it to get it if you're not already a member.

Again, for folks living in the US you can order this monstrous X-baddie from Bowen Designs.  Here's a link to listing:

For international buyers, sometimes sells items that are exclusively being sold on Bowen Designs' website.  Check through that site to see if he's available for you to order my international friends.

My wallet is not happy with me, but with Mojo and Apocalypse coming up for per-order in one week, the X-fan in my is happier than a squirrel at the Veruca Salt nut shelling factory!

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  1. Another Kucharek Brothers masterpiece!!!!! Always some of the best sculpting in the industry!

    1. They are great!!! I can't wait for this one!