Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Wolverine (Film) Statue Options 4

     We are inching closer and closer to July and more and more information and marketing materials are being released for The Wolverine.

     This Entertainment Weekly cover is the lastest.
(image from

     Followed by this recent behind the scenes image.

(Image from

; As always, the images of a shirtless and ripped Hugh Jackman seem to be ubiquitous throughout the campaign to catch the general public's attention.  The only logical conclusion is that a company needs to make a statue of Mr. Jackman as The Wolverine, ripped and ready to tear some Silver Samurai ass apart.

     Of course there's plenty of other characters that will be featured in the film which should also provide for great source material for a series of awesome sculptures based on the film.  This recently released one-sheet for Viper implies a very cool character design.  It gives me tongue.

     The Viper, also known as Madame Hydra, is going to be an interesting addition to the film.  Not only is she a deadly advesary, but she will also establish a link between this film and Captain America: The First Avenger (sshhh... don't tell 20th Century Fox).

     A statue for this vile vixen has already been created. Sideshow Collectibles produced a comiquette of her last year that slithers with sexiness.

     Another second character one sheet was released for Yukio.  Yukio is a Japanese hired assassin who's got the hots for Logan (surprise!).

(image from
     She would also make for a very interesting statue.  With a couple of swords and a sexy pose she would be a hit. Regardless of whether or not that concept ever sees the light of day Yukio will certainly make for an interesting addition to the film.

     Finally, this brand spanking new trailer was released today which is the first that gave me goosebumps.  There's two possible reasons why:

1.  Jean is in it
2.  We finally see the Silver Samerai and he's enormous


What did you think of this new The Wolverine trailer?

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