Thursday, May 23, 2013

Snapshot: 90's X-men Display

     It's time for another Snapshot post, where I post crappy flash photography shots of various parts of my collection, to wet the appetite of those that can't wait for me to properly document it.

    This is the second in my display snapshot posts in which I take flash photography shots of my current statue displays.  Today I'm showing you the set up for my 90's X-men statues. What I have tried to do is to have the gold and blue teams that were formed during "Mutant Genesis" in individual displays.  As you can see the blue team is pretty much complete.

The gold team though is a work in progress.

I used to have Bisop, Iceman and Archangel in the display and it worked fine, but with some recently announced Bowen releases, I've decided to go a different direction with the display.

Archangel has been moved to my X-factor display, and I'm hoping Bowen designs creates a museum pose version that would fit in easier into this display.  Iceslide Iceman has been put in a detolf case and the gold team display is awaiting the clear Iceman museum pose statue that is forthcoming from Bowen designs.  My Joe Mad bishop statue has also been moved into a detolf and the display will eventually include the Bowen Designs Bishop on a Sentinel head statue that is also forthcoming.

Bishop will also display very nicely with Banshee and Cable that aren't part either of these teams (since they were in Generation X and X-force respectively), but all have Sentinel debris bases.  A Sentinel graveyard is a great display theme as well!!!

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