Thursday, September 12, 2013

90's X-men Display

     This is the third of the many posts highlighting the displays I've managed to throw together with the various statues I've collected over the years.  The photos you see are not of the actual display, but of the same set up placed in an area where I can light them better and give the camera a better look.  It's all intended to give you a good show.

     The set I am featuring today is the  90's X-men display.

     The idea behind this set up was to seperate the displays into the two teams that were formed when X-men v2 by Chris Clarement and Jim Lee begain.  The displays are set up on a shelving unit with the gold team on the top shelf...

... and the gold team below it.

The gold team is currently made up of the white costume Storm statue (collection post forthcoming), Koto Colossus, and Bowen Jean Grey (collection post forthcoming).  I will be including the upcoming Bishop statue and  clear museum pose Iceman statue into this display. The only member missing will be Archangel.  My Archangel statue is currently in my X-factor display so hopefully someone will release a new Archangel statue that could be included in this display.

The blue team display is complete and made up of (from left to right starting in the back row first) Bowen's Modern Blue Beast,

...Bowen's Professor X (collection post forthcoming) andBowen's 90's Rogue make up the back row.

The front row has Bowen's Psylocke (collection post forthcoming), Bowen's Action Unmasked Brown Wolverine (forthcoming)...

...Bowen's 90's Cyclops...

and Kotobukiya's Gambit statue.

It was fun getting all the statues together for this photo shoot.  It made me imagine the possibilities

of maybe one day having enough room to display them all together.  Ideally that would the coolest option.  Until then I'm happy to simply have these statues in the ol' collection.


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  2. Esta genial tu colección, me encantó. Yo también tengo algunos, me falta Bestia que es muy caro. Saludos.