Friday, September 6, 2013

Coming Soon: Psylocke - X-force Statue by Kotobukiya - Episode II - Attack of the Psyblade

     This is the second post featuring the forthcoming Kotobukiya X-force Psylocke statue.  The first post was part of the SDCC 2013 recap week featuring photos of the statue from the sample displayed on the con floor.  Fortunately Koto has recently revealed some glam shots of the statue which give a better glimpse of how cool this statue is.  She's up for pre-order for those wanting to get an early hold on her.

(Thanks to warmachinex for giving me the heads up on the new shots)

     As you can see, this is definitely going to be a statue worth having in an X-force display.  Both Koto and Bowen have created full sets of X-force statues, but neither has released a proper Psylocke statue that can be included in whatever your final set up turns out to be...until now!

She comes with a switch out arm that can either have a second Katana blade or her psiblade.

As you can see Koto also opted to create the special version of Psylocke with legendary murph (for those not in the know, the Urban Dictionary's second definition for this term is,"A naturally occurring wedgie.", not to be confused with a MurphyBrown which I don't think would be appropriate to define in this venue).

Although I won't be getting her due to the X-force Psylocke quota being filled by my custom version, I think anyone who winds up with her is her collection will be very happy!

 Don't you agree?

If you do you can check out the pre-orders available on the bay.  Of course I don't recommend ordering her until she's close to being released from Ebay sellers.  You don't want to the time alotted to buyers to file a claim to end before you get the item.  Nonetheless checking out pre-orders is a good source of information so here they are:


  1. Looks cool and was looking forward to this, but as i just picked up the danger room sessions psylocke (which looks way sweet) - i gotta decide wether i want a sencond psylocke statue or not.

    1. It's going to be a tough decision. I wish you the best on it!

  2. well that boobs looks cheap and so away from aesthetic. portrait and overall pose also her tabi's details looks so good. I would definetly buy if it had less bigger boobs like bowen black green rogue