Sunday, September 1, 2013

Statue Showdown: 90s Rogue vs. Classic Rogue (Both by Bowen Designs)

     Once again it's time for the statue comparison showdown melee video bonanza you never knew you needed to see.

Warning:  The following video may help you form an opinion you didn't know you needed to form.

   In this corner is the Rogue statue with a killer perm.

In this corner is the Rogue statue with a 90s style of ass kicking.

Let the power draining punches start flying!  Only one ragin' Cajun can stop these two from leaving me sadder than the day Rogue stopped being the focus of X-men Legacy.

          If you're conflict averse then I understand if you choose to enjoy each of these in their individual posts.

    When the white tufts of hair have been pulled to their limits and the fighting stops, the fact remains that they're both great statues to have!


  1. Thanks for this great blog Remy; I really love to read your blogs and posts!
    Besides that your videos and pictures are never short of amazing and always a feast for your eyes.

    Keep up the good work!