Friday, August 9, 2013

80's X-men Display

     This is the second of the many posts highlighting the displays I've managed to throw together with the various statues I've collected over the years.  The photos you see are not of the actual display, but of the same set up placed in an area where I can light them better and give the camera a better look.  It's all intended to give you a good show.

     The set I am featuring today is the  80's X-men display which I have worked hard to perfect.

     Thinking back, I believe I conceived of this set once I caught a glimpse of Punk Storm and the classic Rogue statues before they'd been released.

 Fortunately I already had Havok, but I needed more staues.

I then planned to get the Brown Costume Wolverine Museum statue to satisfy the Wolverine quota.

Yet still it didn't feel like a full set.  Since there is no plan to make a Dazzler, Longshot or Betsy Braddock statue for this era, and there is the occasional mention of a Colossus, I had to go to extreme measures to make this a set worth enjoying.  Thus I searched the internet for a custom Colossus in his 80's garb, which is essentially him wearing a WWE championship X-belt, and some red briefs.  Forunately I found a kit(collection post forthcoming) that I had painted and presto, 80's display!

Yay!  It's the personal favorite of all my sets.

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