Thursday, July 25, 2013

Coming Soon: Psylocke - X-force Statue by Kotobukiya

     This is the second post featuring cool stuff that was revealed this last weekend at San Diego Comic Con 2013.  Today I'm taking a look at the forthcoming X-force Psylocke statue that was displayed at the Kotobukiya booth (because they're producing it, unless that wasn't clear:P).

(Note:  The images used on this post were found throughout the net. If you recognize one as your own and would like me to credit you, or would like it to be taken down, please leave me a note in the comments)

      Kotobukiya is on an X-force Psylocke frenzy.  I recently posted a "Coming Soon" post featuring the forthcoming Bishoujo X-force Psylocke statue also by Kotobukiya.  Apparently somebody over there likes Ninjas wearing black one piece swimsuits.

     Who can blame them though?  X-force X-men designs are just plain cool.  Plus Psylocke is a great sexy character to makes statues of.  Most importantly though, nobody has produced an X-force Psylocke statue yet.  You may have seen my custom X-force Psylocke statue that I had repainted from the Bowen Psylocke (regular edition will be posted in the not too distant future).  Supposedly Bowen is planning on releasing a statue that will be very similar to this repaint, but it has not been revealed yet.  So Koto is currently cornering the market on statues of Miss Braddock in her nighttime gear.

     So what do I think about this statue?  Well, it has yet to be determined.  The photos are of a statue through a glass case, making it difficult to make an accurate assessment of the statue's aesthetic value.  This much I can say, I like the pose. The base is meh-y, but it's a Koto X-force statue so that's to be expected, and the face may or may not be a win (more likely a win depending on the paintjob).  

      What's important is that X-force statue fans are finally going to get a Psylocke to include in their displays.  The statue is clearly not a dud, and will likely(heavily emphasized) be a great addition to an X-force statue collection.  Hopefully we'll get some glammed up production photos soon that will help y'all make your final determination.  Of course if Bowen releases theirs soon you'll have options.  Options make us happy collectors, n'est-ce pas?


  1. Sweet news - so gonna order this, will go great with my warpath, x-23 and wolvie x-force pieces

    1. I see you didn't include Archangel in that list. Psylocke will definitely well go well with the statues you mentioned.

  2. yeah i still got to get the archangel and deadpool pieces yet, i was gonna get the archangel recently but passed to get the beast which i liked alot.

  3. heres the koto facebook official pictures for the psylocke piece: