Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Beyond My Collection: Deadpool Premium Format Figure

     I am not a big Deadpool fan so I won't be getting this statue.  Thus it will always be beyond my collection. My personal character preferences notwithstanding, I can certainly appreciate a genius rendition of a character in statue form when I see it.   This future grail started shipping last week and the collectors that got him seem to be very satisfied.


     There's a lot to appreciate about this statue.  First of all there's a switch out head option which is always a bonus benefit. The first portrait is this more refined, realistic head.

The second option is more cartoony and reflects the style he was drawn in some of the comics which helped to establish him as a comedic comic icon.

Both heads are great and it's left up to you to decide which one you want to display him with.  Fortunately both heads come on every release of this statue.

     As is generally the case, there is a Sideshow Exclusive version of this statue.  Like with most of Sidehshow's releases, there is an extra feature offered with a limited number of statues that are sold directly from Sideshow Collectibles' website.  In this case, the exclusive version comes with a rubber chicken stuffed with dynamite.

This version is limited to an edition size of 1250 versus the 2500 edition size for the regular version (sold through all retailers).

     I think what's most appealing about the exclusive version is it's exclusivity.  Beyond that, all the great attributes of the statue are included in all versions of its release.

The weapons and costume are sculpted with the utmost care to detail with loads of style.

This applies to the very impressive base as well composed mainly of Deapool's logo and the bullet imbedded surrounding edge.

     Since this statue was just released there are plenty still available, either directly from Sideshow Collectibles, or from the cornucopia of online retailers. You can check Sidehow's site for availability by clicking here:

If you're interested in seeing if there are any of these currently listed on the old Bay, you can explore that question via this link:

     If you decide to get it, I hope you enjoy it because it is Beyond My Collection...

If you'd like to see a video of this statue, StatueHunter75 did a review of it that's worth checking out:

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