Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Statue Showdown - X-factor Beast vs. Original Beast by Bowen Designs

     Once again it's time for the statue comparison showdown melee video bonanza you never knew you needed to see.

Warning:  The following video may help you form an opinion you didn't know you needed to form.

   In this corner is the Beast from the East with a raw edge.

In this corner is the Beast who's the real McCoy with an X-factor that packs punch.

Let the ball roll on this brainy brawl!

Perhaps the concern of turning blue will be able to stop them from ruining my plans for the perfect display of X-men historical awesomeness!

      If you're conflict averse then I understand if you choose to enjoy each of these in their individual posts.

     When the cooler heads prevail and the advanced scientific research restarts, the fact remains that they're both great statues to have!

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