Friday, August 2, 2013

X-men: Days of Future Past (Film) - Statue Options 4

©20th Century Fox
       Two days ago 20th Fox finally unveiled a version of the complete Sentinel body on their viral site  It prompted me to write yet another post about this film's statue potential.

©20th Century Fox

There was one more update yesterday by Mr. Bryan Singer himself from his twitter page.  This photo of him next to an actual life-sized Sentinel needs no commentary.

     What all of this boils down to is unadulterated excitement.  The Sentinel design is awesome and realistic and will look amazing on film.

©20th Century Fox

     If you read through the Trask Industries site you'll notice a lot of hints about the potential evolution of the Sentinels throughout time and thus throughout the film.  I think they're going to get bigger and more menacing.  But this is pure speculation and I would rather keep it that way.  I like to be surprised when I watch a film.

©20th Century Fox
     Again, as I mentioned yesterday, this movie is likely going to be incredible. I really hope somebody makes some ginormous statues based on the Sentinel designs in the film!

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