Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Should I or Shouldn't I? - Thunderbird Statue by Bowen Designs

     It's time to once again turn the question to you to see if you think I should take the plunge or not with a statue I have yet to buy. I actually had this statue as a pre-order when it was originally solicited by Bowen Designs but cancelled it when I realized that my budget wouldn't quite be able to accommodate it.

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     The statue was released by Bowen Designs in late 2012 with an edition size of 500 and sculpted by the master himself, Mr. Randy Bowen!

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     Ever since I cancelled the statue I have had moments where I questioned my decision.  I came very close to getting it a couple of times but I've always had a reason why not to pull the trigger on it.  One is that it would be difficult to fit it into my 70's Giant Sized X-men Display.  I feel like I need a larger shelf to display it and that without it Thunderbird would make the set look somewhat cluttered.

     It's a great statue, so I do want it but I'm currently on the fence unless I could be swayed to make a final decision somehow.    So I leave the question up to you to answer, should I get this statue?  To give you an idea of the current availability and price of this statue in order to help you help me make a more informed decision, here's a link to the current Ebay listings:

Ebay Listings of Bowen's Thunderbird Statue

     Fortunately Sideshow Collectibles still has it in stock, so I'm safe as far as being able to get it from a dependable retailer as you can see here:

     Now that you have all the facts tell me:

Should I or shouldn't I get this Thunderbird statue?

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