Friday, August 30, 2013

Snapshot: Black Logan Custom Statue Updated Paint Scheme

     It's time for another Snapshot post, where I post crappy flash photography shots of various parts of my collection. This post focuses on a slight update on the 1/4 scale custom Black Logan statue I've already featured as part of my collection.

   As you might have noticed, the big change is that I made the base into a snow covered ledge rather than the mossy mess it was before.

It wasn't easy, but certainly fun.  It involved a lot of layering of white paint and then dry brusing it with some light blue in order to give it that icey look.

I also added the X-emblem and painted the boots black and jeans grey.  Overall I think it came out pretty cool.

What's great about this statue is that it will continue to be a canvas, subject to my artistic whim.  Plus it's a great way to practice my skills. 

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