Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Coming Soon: Apocalypse Premium Format Figure By Sideshow Collectibles

(Update 7/11/14 - The statue is released and in my collection which you can check out here.)
(Update 10/31 - This statue is up for order!  Check it out here)

 I thought I would recap some of the cool stuff that was revealed this last weekend at San Diego Comic Con 2013.  The first post focuses on my favorite new forthcoming statue.

     It's finally here! After years of waiting Sideshow Collectibles has finally delivered the father of all X-men villain statues.

(Note:  The images used on this post were found throughout the net. If you recognize one as your own and would like me to credit you, or would like it to be taken down, please leave me a note in the comments)

     Sideshow has not made an X-villain Premium Format Figure(until now).  We all knew that one was coming, and we assumed that it would be Apocalypse, based on a series of rumors, but nothing was confirmed.

All of a sudden, last Wednesday when the photos starting being posted online, it was like the heavens parted and the resin gods proclaimed us worthy of finally having this amazing statue bestowed upon us.

     The statue completely blew my expectations away.  I thought they might do a decent job and thus it would be something that I might consider getting, but I am so impressed that there is no doubt that this statue will be in my collection the week that it's released (which will likely be the middle of next year sometime).

There is so much detail in this statue that it'll be a permanent feast for the eyes for everyone that gets it into their collection. 

But it doesn't stop with what's seen here.  There will be options for the display.  I'm pretty sure the chainsaw hand will be able to be switched out for a laser gun, and maybe even another hand.

This will be the first Sideshow Collectibles statue that I will add to my collection in a very long time.  Finally Sideshow gave the X-fans a statue that is flawless, impressive, and likely to reach grail status.  Thanks Sideshow!  Now bring on Mr. Sinister!

Here's a cool video of the statue by MadxCollector. Enjoy!

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