Friday, July 19, 2013

X-men Statue Origins: Custom Banshee

     My custom Banshee statue is one of my favorite pieces.

     The following photos document the evolution of this statue from it's original form to the very cool design you see here.

     The original statue (pictured left below)  has Banshee in the costume he first appeared in in Giant Sized X-men #1.  I love the statue and do have one that has not been customized (soon to be posted in it's own collection post).  I wanted to have him in the X-costume that he wore throughout the 90's though.  That was the era I first started reading comics, and that is the costume I first formed a connection to Mr. Cassidy.  So I commissioned a custom job and it turned out great.

    These were the first images I received.  The paint had been stripped and much of the costume had been sculpted in.

The X-emblem on the belt had not been postiioned yet, but you can see that it was shaping up to look fantastic.

     This next update had him pretty much completed.  Notice the detailed work that was done on the straps throughout the costume.  The level of detail was more than what I had expected.

     Once the first shots of the paint application started coming in I got giddy. Notice the brand new paint job on the face.  It's not easy to paint such small features so precisely which is what makes it so impressive.

The next layer of paint applied was the blue.  The blue that was chosen is perfect and really makes the arms and legs look uniquily awesome!

The final pics made me super happy.  It's amazing to see something that one envisions in the abstract to finally become real. 

I couldn't be happier with the result and am super happy to have him displayed prominantly in my collection.

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