Thursday, July 4, 2013

Should I or Shouldn't I?: Sabretooth Classic Statue by Bowen Designs

     It's time to once again turn the question to you to see if you think I should take the plunge or not with a statue I have yet to buy.  This statue is special because I actually did buy it a couple of weeks ago and because it arrived damaged I've been once again left to ponder the decision of getting it again or not. I of course speak of the very impressive Sabretooth Classic Statue.

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     The statue was released by Bowen Designs in late 2010 with an edition size of 700.  It was sculpted by Mark Newman explaining how it came to be this awesome!

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     There were actually three versions of this statue produced.  There's a "street clothes" version, which is essentially Sabretooth from the Ultimate Marvel Universe.  I have this statue and will be featuring it soon.  The other version is the tigerstriped outfit from the 90's.  All three are super great.  What sets this one apart though is the impressive snowy base. It's completely different from the base on the other two versions. It's apparent a lot of love and thought was put into it so it's hard to not love it.

     The reason why I'm once again on the fence is that the disappointment from the experience of buying it and waiting for it for over a week only to have it arrive in pieces (and not the intended ones) is somewhat traumatizing for a collector. I don't want to deal with it again for a while.

     So I leave the question up to you to answer, should I get this statue?  To give you an idea of the current availability and price of this statue in order to help you help me make a more informed decision, here's a link to the current Ebay listings:

     Now that you have all the facts tell me:

Should I or shouldn't I get the Bowen Sabretooth Classic statue?


  1. I have owned this statue twice, the first one I bought was damaged the main big branch was snapped clean off when I opened the box so I had to send it back very unimpressed, got my money back and managed to pick it up about a month later for about £50 cheaper! Bonus! And I am so happy with him, the costume is stunning and the detail that has been put into he's face is incredible, I'm the other way round I keep umming and Arring over the street clothes version, all the versions seem to hold their money


  2. Interesting that you should have such a similar experience to mine. Your story almost turned the tide in favor of me getting it. I'm glad it worked out well for you in the end.

    The Street Clothes version is so good! I'll be posting some more pics for you to arr and umm over soon. Maybe they'll be your breaking point much like your comment might be mine for the classic version.