Sunday, July 21, 2013

Display Options: Apocalypse Statue by Bowen Designs

     The newest statue to have its display potentional explored is everybody's living god, Apocalypse!

(Note: You can improve the quality of the video as you're watching it by clicking on the "spur" icon in the bottom right menu of the screen)

     The first statue I threw together with Apocalypse is the most recent Collection Post update, Classic Rogue.  Unfortunatley I don't think she works too well with Mr. Nur.

     The second option was one that made a little more sense and actually works nicely, X-factor Jean Grey.  For those that read X-factor volume 1, you understand why this is a great set and display.

     The next statue that I thought made sense was the Kotobukiya Colossus.  With his size and pose I think it works great in a versus display with Apocalypse.

Since one Colossus statue worked I thought another might as well.  Putting Apocalypse up against the Bowen Colossus statue does indeed look great.  Although I think the Koto version works better in this display the Bowen version is a close second.

     Cyclops is a natural advesary of Apocalypse given their sordid past.  Perhaps the retro version of Cyclops isn't the best, but it does look pretty good.

The combination of Bowen's Colossus and Retro Cyke works better than the individual displays and is a winner!

Exploring Cyke's potential more would be better with the X-factor statue (individual post forthcoming).  As you can see he looks great with Apocalypse and works on several levels.

The more X-factor the better in an Apocalypse display.  Throwing Jean into the picture demonstrates this point nicely.

I thought Havok might be another good option, and I wasn't wrong.

Of course there's nothing like the Summers brothers working together to take down En Sabah.

Finally, nothing makes a good display like a Wolverine statue coupled with a really Big Bad.  Am I wrong?


  1. Kucharek Bros rule!

    1. Kucharek Brothers sculpting quality is amazing! Always high quality workmanship....