Saturday, July 27, 2013

Solve For X 10 - Solved by maverick1891

     The following is a black and white photo of an X that is located on one of the statues in my collection which has already been featured on my blog.  The image may or may not be rotated, so the X won't necessarily look exactly as it would in an upright statue. Your job is to tell me which statue it belongs to.

     You can weigh in on the comments section if you think you've  figured it out. I've decided to leave these unsolved until someone solves them so I will no longer be providing the solution on the following post.  Unless it says solved in the post title, the solution is still up for grabs.

     Good journey!

8/3 - Update - It took a while but the X in this equation has finally been solved by friend of the blog and master sleuth maverick1891!  Nice job!

Here is the image that I culled this X from:

It is indeed from the belt of Original Marvel Girl by Bowen Designs

Last week's X is still up for grabs.  Have fun!


  1. Bowen Jean Grey - Original Marvel Girl - maverick1891

    1. Mystery solved! Nice work marverick1891. You're giving John McCain and Sarah Palin a run for their maverick-iness.