Friday, July 26, 2013

Coming Soon: Juggernaut Staue by Kotobukiya

     This is the final post featuring cool stuff that was revealed this last weekend at San Diego Comic Con 2013.  Kotobukiya surprised us all by revealing their very own Juggernaut statue sculpted by Eric Sosa.

(Note:  The images used on this post were found throughout the net. If you recognize one as your own and would like me to credit you, or would like it to be taken down, please leave me a note in the comments)

      First of all the Juggenaut is a great character to make into a statue.  Bowen's two Juggernaut statues are both awesome statues. (I'll be featuring the museum pose statue in a Collection Post soon)   It's hard to make a bad statue of this behemoth.  He's just cool. He's the Juggernaut bitch!

     Koto couldn't screw this one up even if they wanted to.  That's setting the bar low though and is unfair to this statue.  It's great!  It's not as good as the Bowen statues in my honest opinion, but it comes very close.

     Some of the standout features are the dynamic pose and the base.  The pose is the perfect Juggernaut pose.  He's an aggressive musclebound threatning walking nightmare, and this statue captures that perfectly.  The base is the best feature though.  It's a trampled on Xavier's School for Gifter Younger's sign.

Nothing like seeing a base that is a work of art on it's own to compliment a great statue.

     I probably won't get this statue since I'm happy with the Juggernaut statue I have, but congrats to all those that are hardcore Juggs fans (Rainer) and want an infinite amount of Juggernaut statues.  This one's for you!