Tuesday, July 2, 2013

70's X-men Display

     This is the first of the many posts highlighting the displays I've managed to throw together with the various statues I've collected over the years.  The photos you'll see are not of the actual displays, but of the same set ups placed in an area where I can light them better and give the camera a better look.  I want to make sure I can properly show you the displays.

     The first set I am featuring is the 70's X-men display which I have worked hard to perfect.  I felt like I finally got it right about two years ago and haven't changed it since.

     A major challenge of collecting particular sets of statues is trying to figure out how to put them together in a functional display.  Several factors must be taken into consideration.  First, one must make sure that all the statues are fully visible.  It doesn't make sense to buy these individually impressive pieces only to have them obscured by other statues.  Second, it's going to be necessary to elevate some statues, and thus risers will be needed to make the display fully able to satisfy the first requirement. Finally, one must be able to place each statue in a place that makes sense for the overall display and achieves the aesthetic ideal that one would like from this sort of combined set.  To achieve all these goals it sometimes requires several hours of carefully placing the statues in different locations until the right orientation is achieved (which are completely subjective of course).

     The statues that I've chosen for this display are as follows (each links to the individual statue's respective Collection Post if available):
  1. Bowen Banshee Statue (Collection Post forthcoming)
  2. Bowen Colossus Statue
  3. Bowen Phoenix Statue
  4. Bowen Retro Cyclops Statue
  5. Neca Nightcrawler Statues (Collection Post forthcoming)
  6. Bowen Retro Storm Statue
  7. Bowen Wolverine Action Classic Statue 
     Although it was slightly tricky to set this display up, there is a natural flow to the logic that helped to guide me. Cyclops, being the leader and is elevated and in the center.  Banshee and Phoenix are both flying and so they are both elevated on risers as well to the left of Cylops.  Colossus stands in front as the muscle of a team naturally should.

On the opposite side of Cyclops is Nightcrawler.  Since he is crouching I've elevated him in front in order for him to have more presence around the other statues that are all Bowen and thus at least a foot tall.  Behind him is the retro flying Storm, which, much like Phoenix and Banshee, is flying and thus also elevated.  Finally we have the  Bowen Classic Action Wolverine, raised on his rocky cliff base, which gives him great presence.  Also, the side that he's on allows me to display him at an angle which is how he looks best.

     As you can see the set looks amazing together.  I've thought about adding Sunfire and Thunderbird to the set, but it would require reorganzing and reinventing the setup.  Plus, since I wouldn't be able to provide more space for it clutter would likely ensue. For now I'm going to keep them as they are.

Together, they give me a giant sized sense of happiness!