Friday, July 5, 2013

That Would Make A Great..."X-treme X-men v2 #8-12" Edition

     Although the current volume of X-treme X-men is no more, there are certainly a huge amount of interesting ideas within it that could inspire some great statues.  The series dealt with Dazzler being whisked off into multiple dimensions on a mission to kill evil Xaviers that were hell bent on destroying the multiverse.  What's most interesting about the unique versions of the characters she encountered in her travels is that a couple of them have now entered the normal Marvel universe (earth 616).  What this means for future continuity is up in the air, but I for one and very excited about the possibilities.


      My focus here is, as it always is, are the statue possibilities presented in the last 5 issues of the series. And thus it must be said that this cover from issue 12 would make an amazing diorama.  From left to right we have Sage, Howlett (the gay Wolverine), Dazzler, Hercules, little Kurt, and Colonel Scott Summers.  The standout characters are Howlett and the Colonel who are the two that survived and which we'll be seeing again soon (I hope!).

     Shifting the focus to Dazzler herself, I have to say that I like the design she finally got and deserved in the final issue of this series.  She's been treated as a secondary character with little importance for too long.  Although this series wasn't a hit, it did allow for her to get some well deserved creative attention.  This new outfit is very cool and the following images would all make for some interesting statues of Miss Blaire.

     This cover makes her look like a bad ass, which I could buy (as a statue).

This one is a bit more anime, but still would make a great piece.

Here's more badassery in an action pose that would be a winning statue.

      This next image would make a great diorama with her and Colonel Scott Summers.  Just to clarify to those not in the know about who this Colonel is, he's a version of Scott that existed in an alternate Earth United States in the 1800's when mutants emerged during the Civil War period and he, along with a few other mutants, fighting for the Union, won the war in two weeks. He grew up a slave and was beaten every day, so he has to carry the burden of that past with him.

I think he alone could make a great statue. I doubt any statue producer would be willing to take the plunge on Mr. Summers currently though. Of course, after his importance is revealed in the normal Marvel Universe, this may change.

     This next cover to issue thirteen features the Colonel as well as Howlet.  I think the two of these, sans Dazzler, would make a great diorama. (Sideshow, are you listening?)

Howelett was a general of the British Empire, and his skeleton is bonded with Adamantine (which is gold colored).  More importantly Howlett is gay.  This is a great alternate version of Wolvie that I'm glad we'll be seeing more of in the normal Marvel universe.

     The stories in X-treme X-men had Howlett forming a relationship with an alternate reality version of Hercules.  There are some interesting images of the two that I think would make some really great dioramas.  This first one would make quite an interesting and unique warrior themed piece that would have Wolverine displayed in a way we've never seen before.  Thus I think it's totally worth making.

     Finally, in honor of gay pride month and the monumental rulings that were passed down last week in the US by the Supreme Court which struck down California's Proposition 8 and DOMA, I thought this next image would make a great statue celebrating gay character representations in comics (Sideshow?).

Month My Friends!

Celebrating the X-men and their allegorical worth for the Gay Rights Movement!
This one is for you Bryan Singer!

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