Sunday, June 30, 2013

Statue Showdown: Kotobukiya vs. Bowen Designs Colossus Statues

     Once again it's time for the statue comparison showdown melee video bonanza you never knew you needed to see.

Kotobukiya and Bowen Designs Colossus statues square off.

Warning:  The following video may help you form an opinion you didn't know you needed to form.

   In this corner is the Colossus statue with a deadly yet alluring stare.

Bowen Colossus doesn't take any shit!

In this corner is the Colossus with a penchant for pounding.

Kotobukiya Colossus is second to none!

Let the colossal crap kicking commence!

     Only one man can stop these two from causing me to have to spend weeks with crazy glue trying to rebuild some semblance of the greatness they once were.

          If you're conflict averse then I understand if you choose to enjoy each of these in their individual posts.

    When the dust settles and the metal skin retracts the fact remains that they're both great statues to have!

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