Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beyond My Collection: The Worst X-men Statue Ever Made?

     This is the first of many forthcoming posts that will cover statues that I do not have in my collection.  I will be using stock photos from the respective statue producer and will occasionally post photos and videos from other collectors.

     I thought I would start with the Beast Maquette statue produced by Sideshow Collectibles.  It's a 24" tall piece, with an edition size of 300. It was released in 2009.

     This is the description from Sideshow's website:

     "This maquette is an early study of how the Beast might translate from 2D to 3D for X-Men: The Last Stand. Sideshow is proud to offer this first rendition in the long creative process of bringing this character to life on the big screen. Though covered in blue fur, and animal in appearance, the addition of the glasses and the book gives Beast and amazing feel of intelligence.

     Sideshow Collectibles and Spectral Motion present a reproduction of the original maquette created during pre-production work on the film. Translating Beast from comic to film was particularly challenging, as Beast's appearance has varied greatly over his Marvel lifespan. The team at Spectral Motion crafted a look that is immediately identifiable as Beast, but also allows Hank McCoy's intelligence to radiate through the blue fur and the leonine visage. The Beast Maquette is a strikingly successful blend of Beast and McCoy, complete with sagely glasses and book in hand, sure to be the centerpiece of any X-collection." (Source


     I can appreciate the fact that this was an interesting attempt to translate Beast into a realistic character that can be portrayed on film, but did it need to be released as a statue to the public?  I would say, HELL NO!  This thing is BUTT UGLY!  I can't believe anyone would actually want this in her/his collection, let alone actually lay down $300 for it.

     Aside from it being completely aesthetically unappealing, it's a stark reminder of X3, which I don't think any X-fan would want in her/his home.

 Of course, one could spin this statue's significance and say that it is more of a representation of Nicholas Hoult's Beast in X-men:First Class which might mitigate the adverse qualities of this piece.  As  you can see, the face does have similarities to Hoult.  Certainly, it is closer to his face than Kelsey Grammer.

The chest could also be Mr. Hoult's.  I would imaging that Mr. Grammer's would be a bit more saggy.

     One redeeming quality are the feet.  For those with a foot fetish that are adventurous, this statue might work for you.  I guess there must be at least 300 of you in the world since this statue is officially sold out.

Do you agree that this is the worst X-men statue ever made?

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