Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Should I or Shouldn't I?: Bowen Sunfire Statue Edition

     I am on the fence about getting certain statues.  Contrary to what you might think, I don't get every X-men statue that is produced.  Like most folks, I am on a budget and can't get them all (they're not Pokeman after all).  Thus I am often left to wrestle with the decision to get certain pieces or to try and forget them.  This series of posts will hopefully help to get me make more informed decisions.  I'm going to turn the question to you to see if you think I should take the plunge or not with the statues I'm ambivalent about.

     The first statue decision I need advice on, is whether or not I should buy the Bowen Sunfire statue.  It was released about a year ago and is a beautiful piece as you can see.

(image from ©MARVEL

There isn't much about this statue that makes me not want it.  From the overall body sculpt and paint to the amazing fire trail base, this statue is a sure fire winner.

(image from ©MARVEL
So you're probably asking yourself why I haven't gotten it yet.  As I said, I can't get them all.  Although that is the primary reason, I do need some more tangible justification for not getting one statue versus another.

     My primary reason with this one is that when I started collecting comics Sunfire was nowhere to be seen.  He was not being featured in any of the then current stories that got me interested in comics to begin with.  Of course that did change though when the Age of Apocalypse was introduced.  In that storyline, Legion, Xavier's son went into the past and killed Xavier before he was ever able to create the X-men.  This caused the present to be shifted into an alternate timeline in which Apocalypse had taken over and Magneto had formed the X-men.  Sunfire was then featured prominently with a very cool new design. This is the Sunfire that I fell in love with, and thus this is the Sunfire that I would want a statue of.
     This was a good enough justification for me to pass on Bowen's current Sunfire statue until something started to change my mind recently.  Unfortunatley (in an awesome way) Sunfire has been included in the lineup of the Uncanny Avengers, the Avengers team made up by Captain America  explicitly meant to unite the

 X-men and Avengers in a quest to help gain mutant acceptance of the human population.  As you can see by the cover to issue 8, Sunfire is looking incredible in this book and consequently making me want to buy his statue.

     So I leave the question up to you to answer, should I get this statue?  To give you an idea of the current availability and price of this statue in order to help you help me make a more informed decision, here's a link to the current Ebay listings:

Now that you have all the facts tell me:

Should I or shouldn't I get the Bowen Sunfire statue?

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