Saturday, June 22, 2013

Solve For X 5 - Solved by Zoro Mugiwara Roronoa

     The following is a black and white photo of an X that is located on one of the statues in my collection which has already been featured on my blog.  The image may or may not be rotated, so the X won't necessarily look exactly as it would in an upright statue. Your job is to tell me which statue it belongs to.

     You can weigh in on the comments section if you think you've  figured it out. If nobody gets it by the time I post the next "Solve  For X" post, then I'll reveal it there. If someone gets it before hand then I will update this post with the statue reveal and give credit to the clever sleuth that figured it out.

Good luck mates!

6/22 - Morning Update - X has been solved by the clever Zoro Mugiwara Roronoa.  The X is from the belt of Cable - Modern Action Statue!  Nice work!

     This is the image I culled this X from:

     There will be more Xs to solve in the future, so stayed tuned true believers!


  1. I'm gonna have a try with jean grey marvel girl statue by bowen

    1. Thanks for the effort, but unfortunately that is not correct.

  2. Replies
    1. Nice work Zoro! You have solved for X. Sherlock Holmes would be proud!!!

    2. You mean I've the same detective skills as Bishop? :P :D