Sunday, June 23, 2013

Display Options: Cable Modern Action Statue by Bowen Designs

     This is the first of the new series of posts focusing on individual statue's display potential.  The first to be featured is the recent Bowen release, Modern Action Cable statue.

(Note: You can improve the quality of the video as you're watching it by clicking on the "spur" icon in the bottom right menu of the screen)

     The first viable option is to display Cable with the recently released Modern Warpath statue. As you can see they display well together and make sense as a duo.

Continuing on the Warpath...path... there's also the Kotobukiya X-force Warpath statue ( that I have yet to feature in an individual post... I know, I know nagging voice in my head, I'll get to it soon)

The next statue that makes sense on several levels is the Modern Cyclops statue by Bowen Designs.  He's modern and he's Cable's daddy.  It doesn't get more perfect than this duo as a good set to display.

Again you could throw in Modern Warpath into the mix and you've got yourself a trio that makes sense and displays great.

Another good option to make a trio is to add Modern Emma Frost (I know nagging voice, I'll get to her as well) to the father and son. They make a nice set and again make sense in a modern setting.

     A very cool option is to get Cable paired with Wolverine statue.  Unfortunately no statue producer has created a modern Wolverine statue yet.  Bowen has hinted that one is on the way, but as of now the general public can't get it's hands on one.  Fortunately there are custom options. The custom modern Wolverine that I choose to have is one sculpted by the same guy that made my Joe Mad Bishop statue, Chucho Rojas.  Again I haven't posted this one yet on an individual post (I know the video says I have, but I haven't... stay tuned... and SHUT UP nagging voice) but you can see him here looking great as a perfect compliment to this Cable statue.

 Again you can throw in Modern Warpath and you've got a party!

      This Cable statue was actually made to be displayed with the new action Deadpool statue by Bowen Designs.  Unfortunately I don't have that one.  The one I do have is the X-force Deadpool statue by Bowen Designs (stay tuned for it's post...).  As you can see, it works great with this modern Cable statue.

To go a little further, one can throw in the other Koto X-force statue I have, the Warpath statue and you've got another display worth having.

     Of course, there this is a great statue and can be dispay all by it's lonesome and still be a sight to behold.  The potential is explored in great detail in Modern Cable's individual post and introductory video which you can check out here:

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