Saturday, June 15, 2013

Snapshot: New Arrivals

     It's time for another Snapshot post, where I post crappy flash photography shots of various parts of my collection, to wet the appetite of those that can't wait for me to properly document it. This post focuses on the two new statues I received this week.  I won't be posting too much info on them as that will be reserved for their individual posts.

    So, I got a little antsy since not many statues are in the pipeline right now to be released. Thus, I decided to pull the trigger on these two statues which I'd been wanting for some time. I received the original Bowen Sabretooth statue and the blue Quicksilver statue this week. I actually also bought the classic Sabretooth statue, but won't be getting him until next week.

     First up is the first Sabretooth statue released by Bowen Designs in February of 2005.

I'm really happy with him.  But what made me even happier was the fact that I accidentally stumbled upon his amazing display value when placed next to Mystique (I know... I need to get to her individual post as well - damn nagging voice in my head :)).  I put him down next to her as I was trying to figure out where to place him without the slightest thought of having them stay together.  When I gave them a direct look it was like the X-gods had sent me a message.  It was a match made in resin heaven.

And so together they shall remain.

     Next up is Quicksilver.

This is a statue I had bought before but had sold since as a stand alone piece he's just not that great.  After getting Polaris and the Scarlett Witch, I decided I needed to have him in order to complete the Magneto children triumvirate.  I think I made the right decision.

(And yes, I will be getting to Polaris eventually too... nagging voice!!!)

  It suffices to say, it was a joy filled week of new statue giddiness!

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