Thursday, June 20, 2013

That Would Make A Great..."X-men (v4) #1" Edition

     I love that there is now an X-book focusing on a team of only female members.  The X-men have always been to me an allegorical vehicle for a discourse on civil rights struggles for all the marginalized groups of society.  Although women have made great strides the last century, there still needs to be special attention paid to the fact that we're living in a traditionally patriarchal society.  An all X-female book can do that in the X-books.


     Getting off of my high horse, I will now turn to the subject at hand, awesome X-men statues.  There were a couple of images in this book that I thought would translate well into statues.  The book is a great example of the updated character designs for the X-men featured, so it provides great fodder for very modern statues.

     This first image I thought would be a really great source for an updated Psylocke statue.  Betsy has not had too many design changes over the last 10-15 years, so this new costume is a breath of fresh air.  It is the costume that was introduced in the recent reinvention of Uncanny X-force (v2 to be exact).  It's a costume that I think would look great on a statue.

     Beyond the look, I think the pose as well as the use of her psionic energy is dynamic and extremely visually interesting.  I don't think I've seen her shape her psionic energy into a bow and arrow before so I really like this image's innovative cred.  With a clear resin psionic bow and arrow, some glossy paints for the costume, and a beautiful face, I think we might have a winner here.

     This second (and last) image of Storm in her new duds with the re-emerged Mohawk(see old Mohawk look here), I thought, could be a great inspiration for a modern flying Storm statue.  Her newest look, that was also introduced in the same book as Betsy, is very cool and different from the looks she's had the last few years.  I hope it's a look that will remain for a while because it (punk)rocks!!!  We certainly need more Storm statues, and especially something in the modern (2000+) era.

     I ask the statue gods to please grant my request(in a demanding and unrequest-like tone)!!!

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