Saturday, June 1, 2013

That Would Make A Great..."Cable and X-force #8" Edition

     I don't know about you but I am really enjoying the new Cable and X-force series.  I really like the line up.  I really like the art.  I really like the stories (so far).


     The line-up in this book is unique and super fun to read.  It's been a while since Cable was on an X-force team so it was nice to see him back.  Having Colossus on his team is an interesting inclusion, given that he's usually on an X-men team, so I'm loving it.  Domino is always a great character to have in a book with Cable, so she's a welcome addition.  It's been too long since Forge was involved in anything, so I'm super happy to have him around.  Plus now that Boom Boom is in, it just gives me that nostalgic 90's X-force feel, with a modern edge, which I like as well.  X-ceptional lineup!

     The art by this Salvador Larocca fella is top notch.  I would have to say it's some of the best art in the X-books today. I've gotten the vibe by some folks online that his art is a polarizing subject amongst fans though, which is odd to me.  Given that that's the case, I land squarely in the fan section!

     The stories in the book so far have been interesting.  They're by no means as good as those being told by Brian Michael Bendis in Uncanny X-men and The All - New X-men, but they're a fun read.  I'm a big fan of Cable and Colossus so it's hard to get a book to go wrong with these two in it.  On top of that, including Domino in the book and starting a Domino/Colossus love thing has certainly been an interesting twist that I'm looking forward to see play out.

     Now on to the subject at hand, statues.  I really like the Colossus design in this book.  It's the sort of thing that if it were to stick (meaning lasts more that a year or two), would become a very cool iconic look for Piotr and would warrant some sculptor's attention.  For instance, the following image would make a great statue.
And if a sculptor were feeling adventurous, she/he could explore the possibility of a flying pose for Mr. Piotr (I know, it would never happen, but a collector can dream.)

I hope some statue producer agrees with me :)

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