Thursday, June 13, 2013

Statue Showdown: Bowen Modern Cyclops vs. Bowen Retro Cyclops

     Finally, you are getting the statue comparison showdown melee video bonanza you never knew you needed to see.

Warning:  The following video may help you form an opinion you didn't know you needed to form.

    In this corner is a modern Cyclops with an astonishing edge.

  In this corner is a retro Cyclops with a giant sized punch.

   Let the ruby quartz craziness quicken your conundrum resolution.

     Only one man can stop these two from causing me to have to buy replacements off of Ebay.

     Of course, they can each be appreciated individually, without any conflict, in their individual posts.

    In the end, beyond all the conflict and pain, they're both great statues to have!

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