Friday, June 14, 2013

That Would Make A Great... "Savage Wolverine #6" Edition

      The return of Joe Mad! 


     Joe Mad is my second favorite 90's X-artist(behind Mr. Lee).  It's been a while since Joe has drawn the X-men.  The most recent work I can think of is the run he did on the first three issues of Avenging Spider-man.  That's certainly was not an X-men related story and so I was bit disappointed.  When I heard he was going to work on Savage Wolverine I got very happy and felt that the universe was finally in balance again.

     What's important here though is that his style is perfect for comic statues to be based on.  For example this image would make a great Wolverine scupt.

     Extra points go to it for having Wolverine in his brown costume.  It's been a while since we've seen this classic and fan favorite look for Logan. A Joe Mad styled brown costume Wolverine statue would be a dream come true!

     Since that was the only image that I thought would translate well into a statue of an X-character out of this book, I thought I would throw an honorable mention to this rendition of Elekra and it's potential for a great non X-related statue.

I know  it's  heresy for me to make this sort of mention on my blog, so please attempt to forget I ever did.



  1. he has a very nice style about his artwork, love the cell shading , he is very similar to humberto ramos who is one of my favorite artists.


    1. Indeed, they do have some similarieities to their styles, which is probably why I like Humberto Ramos' work on Amazing Spider-man so much.